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Do you or someone you love deal with chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, or an inability to move or function on a regular basis?  These are common problems faced by a generation that is over stressed and over worked -- an age that is stretched to the limits.  We, as a society, need to RELAX, REFRESH and RENEW.  We need to invest in our own health before it is too late.

How can you continue to take care of your work, your home, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your.... if YOU aren't taken care of first?  There is only so much that the body can do before it starts to break down, before it falls into dis-ease.

Can you afford to continue to push yourself to the limit?

How often do you have a headache that stops you in your tracks for hours or even days at a time?  How often does your fibromyalgia, lupus or chiari malformation keep you from the things that you NEED to accomplish?

Did you know that STRESS is the leading cause of headaches, chronic pain, insomnia and even the common cold?  Did you know that research has proven that massage is one of the most beneficial ways to combat stress and its chronic side effects?  Regular massage can help YOU take care of YOU by decreasing your stress levels, increasing relaxation, circulation, your immune system and calming the nervous system.  The benefits are many and they build upon each other with each session.

If you are faced with a chronic pain situation, hurt yourself shoveling snow or just want to maintain your current level of health - massage can help and we here at Healing Hands and Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage can work with you to create the treatment schedule that meets your individual healthcare needs and budget.

Located at 945 Queen Street in Southington, we have a number of returning clients who can attest to our excellent service, welcoming atmosphere, and our chronic pain treatments.  From the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere of our new office to the gentle touch of our massage therapists, our goal is to provide a caring, comfortable and relaxing haven where our clients can receive individualized attention to their specific needs each and every massage therapy session.  We provide Natural Pain Relief and specialize in fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes, migraines and tension headaches,  neck and shoulder problems, relaxation and stress relief for the busy lifestyles of today.  We are Your Relaxation Specialists!  

Text Patty at 717-454-7112 or email us at to book your appointment today!  If you are booking a Groupon or Living Social voucher, the voucher is redeemed at the time of booking.

Healing Hands and Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage

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