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New Policy as of 8/1/17:  Turn your individual 60 or 90 minute sessions into a Couples Session when our couples room is available for $25.00!  

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Please call to book your couples session or if you need two services at the same time, so that we can work with you directly to set up the date and time.  All other sessions can be booked online

In-office Massage Therapy Services Prices
Swedish Relaxation Massage-The ultimate in Relaxation and Pain Relief.  Swedish Massage uses a combination of long flowing strokes, and kneading of muscles to provide relief.   
30 minutes...$45.00
60 minutes...$80.00
90 minutes...$95.00
Lymphatic Drainage Massage- Very gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of lymph fluid throughout the body.  Good for anyone dealing with chronic inflammation, lymph nodes removal or lipedema/lymphoma
30 minutes (upper or lower body) session..... $50.00
60 minutes (full body) session..................... $80.00

Neuromuscular or Myofascial Massage - Spot Specific Medical/Sports Massage to tackle the specific problem area. 
60 minutes...$95.00
90 minutes...$105.00 

Couples Massage - Swedish Relaxation Massage in our special couples room for the two of you.  A great way to introduce someone to massage or spend quality time together.
60 minutes...$180.00
90 minutes...$200.00
Chronic  Headache/TMJ Treatment - 30 minute session designed to work on your chronic headache and/or TMJ discomfort.  When added to your routine self-care has shown to significantly lessen the frequency and pain levels for our clients.
30 minutes...$45.00
Pre and Post Natal Massage-The ultimate in relaxation for the mom-to-be and her baby.  Long, flowing strokes with just the right amount of pressure to offer some much needed relief from soreness for mom during her pregnancy and the first couple of months after delivery.  
60 minutes...$80.00
Reiki Energy Session - Healing and Extremely Relaxing Energy Work.  Reiki is a form of relaxation/meditation to help  the client open energy flow through the body and balance the energy chakra centers. 
  50 minutes..... $80

Healing Hands Hot Stone Massage - The ultimate in relaxation for sore and tired muscles.  Swedish Massage using heated basalt stones directly on the clients body, offering a very deep muscle relaxation response without a heavy pressure.
90 minutes...$110.00
Healing Hands Signature Service - Relaxing Therapeutic Swedish massage with hot steamed towels, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones for the back and completed with a choice of a paraffin hand treatment or exfoliating scrub for your feet. 
Service takes up to 75 minutes...$120.00

Exfoliating Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub with 30 minute Swedish Massage - Deeply relaxing and exfoliating sugar scrub to help nourish your dry and thirsty winter skin!  Followed by a 30 minute Swedish massage customized to address the areas that need it the most!     60 minutes  ........   $95.00

Available Add-On Services
*Aromatherapy and Hot Towels added to any service...$10.00
*Hot Stones added to any service... $10.00
*Paraffin dip for hands added to any service ....$15.00
*Exfoliating Sugar Scrub for feet or hands added to any service.... $15.00

*Same Room Sessions not bought as a Couples Massage .... $25.00

NEW Facial Service added to our menu!!

Signature Facial Service - Deeply relaxing and moisturizing facial service incorporating steam, aromatherapy, gentle exfoliation, face and neck massage and a customized masque to match your skin type or specific concern.  Service can be customized to include any of our add-on services
         60 minutes .....    $90.00 plus tax
         30 minutes ....     $45.00 plus tax

Spa Packages (please call directly to book)

1/2 Hour Moisturizing Facial followed by a 1 hour Relaxation Massage
         90 minutes ....  $120.00 plus tax
1 Hour Signature Facial followed by a 1 hour Relaxation Massage
         120 minutes .... $150.00 plus tax

Massage Therapy Specials
*Refer a Friend: There is not a better complement than our clients referring us to their friends.  To say thank you for the trust you are showing us - we offer you a free 60 minute massage for every 3 referrals... No limit

*Valid Student ID:  Receive $25.00 off regular priced 60 or 90 minute Relaxation massage therapy service with ID.  Cannot be combined with other offers.

*Medical Profession:  60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $50.00; 90 minute Relaxation Massage for $70.00

Session Packages:

Massage benefits build upon each other with regular sessions.  Buy a Series of 5 or more sessions for $25 off of the regular price of each service.  Invest in your health and save!  Get a "free" hour with every 3 that you buy!  Packages can be mixed or matched to create the perfect package for you!

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Healing Hands and Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage

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Healing Hands and Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage


Healing Hands and Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage